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Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 3) – TBWJP043


Understanding the Concept of Time (Part 3)

This podcast expands on the notion of time. The common belief is that time is a linear continuum.  It comes from the past (Point A), merges into the present (Point B), and goes to the future (Point C). Dr. Ben Wood Johnson refutes that understanding. The argument presented in this entry is that time is not linear. Rather, time is erroneously understood. Time, Dr. Johnson argues, is a constant. It is always experienced in the present. Therefore, time has no particular origins, which are perceptible by men, at least not from planet earth or anywhere in our solar system. Time is a burst between what was and what could be within the universe itself. Let us listen!

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Ben Wood Johnson

Ben Wood Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a multidisciplinary scholar. He writes about Philosophy, Legal Theory, Public/Foreign Policy, Education, Politics, Ethics, Race, and Crime. Johnson graduated from Penn State and Villanova University. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Johnson enjoys reading, poetry, painting, and music.

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