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Anti-Racism as a Divisive Rhetoric (Part Three) – TBWJP051


This podcast outlines the divisive nature of the term anti-racism. Dr. Ben Wood Johnson talks about the complexity of the notion of racism. It is difficult to put a label on certain conducts, which some people might consider racist. There is a need for caution. The term antiracism is a distraction from a serious problem in American society. It diminishes the importance of a serious conversation, which Americans should have about racism. Let us listen!

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Ben Wood Johnson

Ben Wood Johnson is an author, educator, and philosopher. He is a multidisciplinary scholar. He writes about Philosophy, Legal Theory, Public/Foreign Policy, Education, Politics, Ethics, Race, and Crime. Johnson graduated from Penn State and Villanova University. He is fluent in French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Johnson enjoys reading, poetry, painting, and music.

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