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Ben Wood Johnson

Johnson is a philosopher, educator, author, and  multidisciplinary scholar. He has expertise in public administration, criminal justice/law enforcement, politics, law, and education.

Johnson is a philosopher of human conditions. He draws on personal experience to relate human realities. He explores ideas that help clarify notions about human survival.

Johnson is the author of several books about militarism, politics, philosophy, and racism. He is a multi-language writer. His works are both in French (Native Tongue) and English.

Johnson is working on several projects. They include books, articles, audio, video, and papers. His recent works include — Sartrean Ethics, Jean-Paul Sartre and Morality, Sartre Lives On, Forced Out of Vietnam, Natural Law, Racism, and L’homme et le Racisme.

Johnson speaks several languages, including, but not limited to French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. To learn more about Johnson, visit his official website at www.drbenwoodjohnson.com.

You may visit his official blog at www.benwoodpost.com.

Ben Wood Johnson is a philosopher. He is an educator, an author, a musician, and a multidisciplinary scholar. Dr. Johnson has expertise in administration, crime, politics, law, and education. Dr. Johnson is working on a number projects. They include books, papers, articles, audio, and video.

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