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About BWEC

Created in 2017, The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast is a subdivision of My Eduka Solutions, which is also a component of the Ben Wood Educational Consulting firm (BWEC, LLC). The BWEC is dedicated to providing high quality educational materials, including books, audio, and video, to a wide audience. This entity was designed to engage listeners, viewers, and readers all over the world.

The BWEC offers premium podcasting materials to listeners worldwide. The goal is to create a liaison between Dr. Ben Wood Johnson and those who might be interested in his works. Every Podcast was designed to engage the listener.

The Podcasts are produced in a professional environment. The shows are recorded and produced by Ben Wood Johnson. Each Podcast contains a high-quality audio. The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast is powered by some of the most recognizable names in the industry, including (but not limited to) WordPress, Blubrry PowerPress, Libsyn Podcasting, and Bluehost.

The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast shows are created, distributed, and monetized by BWEC, LLC. The shows are available on www.thebenwoodjohnsonpodcast.com. They are also available on major online platforms, such as Stitcher, Apple, Google, and Spotify. Please visit www.benwoodpost.com for more information.

Ben Wood Johnson

Ben Wood Johnson is a philosopher. He is an educator, author, musician, and multidisciplinary scholar. Johnson has expertise in administration, crime, politics, law, and education. Johnson is working on a number projects. They include books, papers, articles, audio, and video.

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