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The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast

Welcome to the official website of The Ben Wood Johnson Podcast (TBWJP). This project is a collaboration between Eduka Solutions and Tesko Publishing. Episodes are supported by BWEC, LLC.

The TBWJP is a weekly podcast. It includes several seasons. Each season contains approximately 10 to 12 Episodes. However, some seasons may be shorter or longer.

The podcast discusses a contemporaneous issue in society. Episodes are based on philosophical writings or other ideas. The podcast discusses other subjects of interest. For ten to twenty minutes (10 to 20 min), the host (Dr. Ben Wood Johnson) offers insightful analyses about the chosen topic.

This podcast does not feature news or news articles. However, it explores current events, which might be in the news. This podcast is not a revisionist approach to history or past events. It does not make predictions about future events. But it offers a critique of social issues.

“Cogito, ergo philosophus. Je pense, donc je philosophe. I think, therefore I philosophize.”

Ben Wood Johnson

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